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Fibre to the Premises Packages

Superfast broadband via fibre to the premises

  • 1, 12 or 24 month terms
  • Unmetered usage as standard
  • No traffic management or shaping
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Fibre Optic Cables

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Fast & reliable,
UK-wide coverage

Broadband designed for the best performance without the need for traffic management or shaping.

Real UK based
in-house support

With support in the UK, you can be assured of the best help from our own staff, not outsourced elsewhere.

Unmetered monthly
usage allowances

All our broadband packages include unmetered usage so you don't have to worry.

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FTTP Packages

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Fibre Direct i Unmetered Unmetered Check availability £26.99-74.99
Fibre Direct Pro i Unmetered Unmetered Check availability £22.99-43.99

*This product is not available in on your line. Other services are available

Certain one off charges apply to all broadband services, including but not limited to activation, migration and cessation of service. Our suppliers do charge fees for cessation of service as well as some migrations to other providers which are passed on to you at cost. Where an activation or migration of service is provided without charge (indicated as £0.00 during your order), if the service ends within any minimum term, a deferred fee equal to the full cost of activation or migration, will be charged in full. If a service ends within term, that is before the end of the minimum term, an ETF (early termination fee) may apply and this is passed on at cost from our suppliers. A MAC is no longer required to migrate to us and you do not need to get one from your existing supplier. Active phone line required for entire service duration for copper services except SoGEA services which include the copper rental but provide no voice service and Duo which is bundled with the phone line. Speed stated is estimated based on information from Openreach and your postcode. The speed you receive will depend on several factors including line length and condition, radio and atmospheric interference and exchange contention. Assurance rates are a minimum bandwidth throughput expected at peak times. If throughput is confirmed to drop below the assured rate for more than a rolling 4 hour period, this would be considered a fault. We do not make any guarantees about speed, pricing, support, provision or fault resolution timescales outside of any specific product feature or care level selected. Price is per month and excludes VAT at the standard rate. Product availability is based on your exchange and will vary between exchanges meaning not all products may be available at all locations. Product specific information can be found by clicking on the (i) button.

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