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Why choose uno Communications?

Open Rights Group Supporter

We believe in your rights in a digital age

As a corporate sponsor to ORG, we believe in the work that they do to preserve and promote our customers rights in the digital age.

Fast Download Speeds


xDSL up to 80Mb, FTTP up to 1Gb and leased lines up to 10Gb

With access to a wide range of services, we can offer up to 8Mb for those on ADSL Max only exchanges, up to 24Mb for ADSL2+ based exchanges and up to 80Mb in FTTC enabled areas.

If you’ve got a thirst for speed or have outgrown your current solution, we’re able to offer leased connections starting at 10Mb to 100Mb then 1Gb all the way up to 10Gb.

High-Speed Broadband

Fast Broadband

A reliable and fast connection when you need it most, even at busy periods

Fibre-based broadband is here and coverage is increasing daily.

We ensure the best quality of service by constant monitoring of the network. We don’t slow any types of traffic down, at any times of the day. Nor do we block any ports!

Advanced Control Panel

Control Panel

For ultimate control over your connection, settings and browsing capabilities

We believe in customer choice, not only through service choice but also the ability to control and “self-serve”.

Our control panel has some great features and will be constantly improved over time.

  • Interleaving and profile control*
  • Speedtest results
  • Hourly, daily, monthly and historic usage
  • Broadband quality monitoring and graphing
  • IP block assignment and reverse DNS control
  • Self-serve Cease
  • Upgrade, downgrade and change of service requests
  • Fault monitoring*
  • Itemised calls**

* Applicable to certain products. Not all features apply to all products due to supplier limitation. ** Applies to only services with/including phone service.

Enhanced Security

One Time Password (OTP) and YubiKey support

The security of your account is very important to us.

Our customer portal supports OTP logins using applications such as Google Authenticator, OTP Auth or Authy to generate a time limited passkey for login, or the physical login device known as a YubiKey.

After being asked for your normal login password, if configured, you’ll be asked for your “second factor” authentication. For OTP logins, you’ll enter the 6 digit code shown on your device and for YubiKey, you’d insert the device and press the button.

24 Hour, UK Support

UK Support

Professional, UK-based support centre available to help with all technical issues

We’re here to support you around the clock via our customer portal but should you need to call, we’re here Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm, excluding public holidays.

Our focus is on answering all queries within 60 minutes during the working day and with an average ticket response time of 37 minutes, we’re constantly achieving that. Out of hours, we aim to answer all queries within 8 hours.

Customers that opt for higher care levels such as enhanced or priority care will have access to an on-call engineer, available 24/7.

Line Rental & Calls


Competitively priced line rental and calls on the Openreach network

Do you just want basic line rental? We offer that. Instead of ever increasing line rental or forcing customers to take call packages that might not be used, we keep it simple.

A standard telephone line on the Openreach network and any calls made are charged at competitive rates with a rolling monthly contract and a months notice to cancel.

We’re also able to offer new line installations without long term contracts unlike many of our competitors.

  • Monthly Contract
  • Access to all standard "BT" call features*
  • IDA or over-ride numbers fully supported

* additional costs may apply.

Our Costs

Complete transparency with all potential costs for our services

With a number of products that offer different contract lengths and terms, it can get confusing what you’ll pay for your service.

We’ve made it simple by publishing a price list of every product we offer* and any startup or cessation fees.

View our price list.

* Excluding leased lines and EFM which depend on term, cable/fibre run, location and carrier availability. Quote and pricing is specific to each postcode.

Security & Protection


Secure systems, monitoring and accountability

We keep our customers data secure and in the UK.

Our customer portal uses the highest level of SSL available. We’re also scanned daily and undergo regular PCI compliance scans.

We’re also registered with the ICO, a requirement of keeping information on our customers in order to deliver their service.

Calls, tickets and interactions are logged with our customers whatever method is used to contact us to ensure complete accountability.