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Duo Standard i Unmetered Unmetered Check availability £15.77

Our Duo Standard packages are available at all exchanges enabling us to deliver excellent ADSL2+ broadband.

All services offer a static IP as standard with the option of a routed block if required.

Duo Standard includes an unmetered bandwidth allowance.

On some exchanges, you are also able to control your line profile to offer the best speed vs stability performance.

Service is based on a minimum 18 month term at the installation address.

We do not enforce any traffic management, or blocked ports. Your connection is delivered as it should be.

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Duo Pro i Unmetered Unmetered Check availability £21.18

Our Duo Pro packages are available to all exchanges that are enabled for VDSL services.

An assured rate of 10Mb is provided with the service (where the line rate is higher).

Static IP as standard.

Duo Pro is suited for high usage with an unmetered bandwidth allowance.

Service is based on a minimum 18 month term at the installation address. Suitable for lines capable of no more than 40Mb (10Mb upstream).

We do not enforce any traffic management, or blocked ports. Your connection is delivered as it should be.

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Duo Advanced i Unmetered Unmetered Check availability £23.27

Our Duo Advanced packages are available to all exchanges that are enabled for VDSL services.

An assured rate of 20Mb is provided with the service (where the line rate is higher).

Static IP as standard.

Duo Advanced is suited for high usage with an unmetered bandwidth allowance.

Service is based on a minimum 18 month term at the installation address. Suitable for lines capable of no more than 80Mb (20Mb upstream).

We do not enforce any traffic management, or blocked ports. Your connection is delivered as it should be.

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*This product is not available in on your line. Other services are available

Certain one off charges apply to all broadband services, including but not limited to activation, migration and cessation of service. Our suppliers do charge fees for cessation of service as well as some migrations to other providers which are passed on to you. Where an activation or migration of service is provided without charge (indicated as £0.00 during your order), if the service ends within any minimum term, a deferred fee will be charged in full. A MAC is no longer required to migrate to us and you do not need to get one from your existing supplier. Active phone line required for entire service duration for copper services. Speed stated is estimated based on information from Openreach and your postcode. The speed you receive will depend on several factors including line length and condition, radio and atmospheric interference and exchange contention. We do not make any guarantees about speed, pricing, support, provision or fault resolution timescales outside of any specific product feature or care level selected. Price is per month, and excludes VAT at the standard rate. Product availability is based on your exchange and will vary between exchanges meaning not all products may be available at all locations. Product specific information can be found by clicking on the (i) button.

Additional Features Extra features to tailor your phone package to suit your needs
Feature Feature Details Monthly Price
Caller Display See the number of the person calling on your handset, so you can decide whether to answer the phone or not. Free
Call Waiting Discreet bleeps to tell you that a second call is on the line. You can either put the first caller on hold and speak to the second caller, or end your first call and speak to the second caller. £0.60
Call Divert Divert your calls to another landline phone or mobile. Calls that can't get through to your home phone will still reach you on another fixed line or mobile of your choice but you are charged for the call to another landline or mobile accordingly. £0.60
Call Barring Decide which types of calls can be made from your phone so you're in control of who uses it and how. £0.60
Ring Back When Free If you make a call to an engaged number, just dial '5' and Ring Back will call you when the number becomes free. £0.60
Anonymous Call Rejection Stop calls from people who have withheld their number. If a caller withholds their number so that you can't tell what number they called from, they won't be able to get through to you. They'll only get through if they reveal their number. £0.60
Choose to Refuse Lets you put a stop to nuisance or unwanted calls by stopping them from getting through to you. You can block up to ten numbers. £1.80
1571 Voicemail Take messages when you're not available and can be listened to by dialling 1571. £1.00
Withhold Number All Calls Withholds your number on any calls that you make without dialling a prefix before each call. £1.00
Call Charges Prices for calling the most popular UK numbers
Destination Peak Off-peak Weekend
UK Geographic (01, 02, 03) 1.35p/min 1p/min 0.94p/min
UK Mobile - O2 (giffgaff / Tesco) 3.17p/min 3.17p/min 3.17p/min
UK Mobile - EE (Orange / T-Mobile) 3.17p/min 3.17p/min 3.17p/min
UK Mobile - Vodafone 3.17p/min 3.17p/min 3.17p/min
UK Mobile - 3 3.17p/min 3.17p/min 3.17p/min
Service Call Charges
Destination From start of call After first minute One off fee
NGCS SC1-0845 0p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC1-0870 0p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC1-118DQ 0p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC1-INFORM 0p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC1-NON-GEO 0p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC1-PRS 0p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC10-0870 7.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC10-118DQ 7.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC10-INFORM 7.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC10-NON-GEO 7.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC10-PRS 7.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC100-118DQ n/a 300p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC100-NON-GEO n/a 300p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC100-PRS n/a 300p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC11-0870 8.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC11-118DQ 8.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC11-INFORM 8.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC11-NON-GEO 8.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC11-PRS 8.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC12-0870 9.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC12-118DQ 9.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC12-INFORM 9.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC12-NON-GEO 9.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC12-PRS 9.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC13-0870 10p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC13-118DQ 10p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC13-INFORM 10p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC13-NON-GEO 10p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC13-PRS 10p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC14-0870 10.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC14-118DQ 10.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC14-INFORM 10.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC14-NON-GEO 10.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC14-PRS 10.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC15-118DQ 12.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC15-PRS 12.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC16-118DQ 16.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC16-PRS 16.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC17-118DQ 20.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC17-PRS 20.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC18-118DQ 25p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC18-PRS 25p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC19-118DQ 29.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC19-PRS 29.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC2-0845 0.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC2-0870 0.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC2-118DQ 0.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC2-INFORM 0.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC2-NON-GEO 0.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC2-PRS 0.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC20-118DQ 30p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC20-PRS 30p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC21-118DQ 33.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC21-PRS 33.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC22-118DQ 37.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC22-PRS 37.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC23-118DQ 38.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC23-PRS 38.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC24-118DQ 41.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC24-PRS 41.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC25-118DQ 45.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC25-PRS 45.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC26-118DQ 50p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC26-PRS 50p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC27-118DQ 54.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC27-PRS 54.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC28-118DQ 58.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC28-PRS 58.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC29-118DQ 62.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC29-PRS 62.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC3-0845 1.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC3-0870 1.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC3-118DQ 1.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC3-INFORM 1.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC3-NON-GEO 1.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC3-PRS 1.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC30-118DQ 66.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC30-PRS 66.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC31-118DQ 75p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC31-PRS 75p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC32-118DQ 79.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC32-PRS 79.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC33-118DQ 82.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC33-PRS 82.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC34-118DQ 83.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC34-PRS 83.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC35-118DQ 91.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC35-PRS 91.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC36-118DQ 100p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC36-PRS 100p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC37-118DQ 120.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC37-PRS 120.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC38-118DQ 125p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC38-PRS 125p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC39-118DQ 129.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC39-PRS 129.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC4-0845 2.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC4-0870 2.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC4-118DQ 2.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC4-INFORM 2.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC4-NON-GEO 2.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC4-PRS 2.5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC40-118DQ 150p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC40-PRS 150p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC41-118DQ 166.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC41-PRS 166.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC42-118DQ 183.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC42-PRS 183.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC43-118DQ 208.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC43-PRS 208.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC44-118DQ 250p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC44-PRS 250p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC45-118DQ 300p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC45-PRS 300p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC46-0845 0p/min n/a 4.4p
NGCS SC46-0870 0p/min n/a 4.4p
NGCS SC46-118DQ 0p/min n/a 4.4p
NGCS SC46-INFORM 0p/min n/a 4.4p
NGCS SC46-NON-GEO 0p/min n/a 4.4p
NGCS SC46-PRS 0p/min n/a 4.4p
NGCS SC47-0870 0p/min n/a 8.5p
NGCS SC47-118DQ 0p/min n/a 8.5p
NGCS SC47-INFORM 0p/min n/a 8.5p
NGCS SC47-NON-GEO 0p/min n/a 8.5p
NGCS SC47-PRS 0p/min n/a 8.5p
NGCS SC48-118DQ 0p/min n/a 12.7p
NGCS SC48-PRS 0p/min n/a 12.7p
NGCS SC49-118DQ 0p/min n/a 21p
NGCS SC49-PRS 0p/min n/a 21p
NGCS SC5-0845 3.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC5-0870 3.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC5-118DQ 3.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC5-INFORM 3.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC5-NON-GEO 3.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC5-PRS 3.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC50-118DQ 0p/min n/a 25.2p
NGCS SC50-PRS 0p/min n/a 25.2p
NGCS SC51-118DQ 0p/min n/a 29.4p
NGCS SC51-PRS 0p/min n/a 29.4p
NGCS SC52-118DQ 0p/min n/a 33.5p
NGCS SC52-PRS 0p/min n/a 33.5p
NGCS SC53-118DQ 0p/min n/a 40.2p
NGCS SC53-PRS 0p/min n/a 40.2p
NGCS SC54-118DQ 0p/min n/a 41.9p
NGCS SC54-PRS 0p/min n/a 41.9p
NGCS SC55-118DQ 0p/min n/a 58.5p
NGCS SC55-PRS 0p/min n/a 58.5p
NGCS SC56-118DQ 0p/min n/a 62.7p
NGCS SC56-PRS 0p/min n/a 62.7p
NGCS SC57-118DQ 0p/min n/a 83.5p
NGCS SC57-PRS 0p/min n/a 83.5p
NGCS SC58-118DQ 0p/min n/a 121p
NGCS SC58-PRS 0p/min n/a 121p
NGCS SC59-118DQ 0p/min n/a 125.2p
NGCS SC59-PRS 0p/min n/a 125.2p
NGCS SC6-0845 4.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC6-0870 4.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC6-118DQ 4.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC6-INFORM 4.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC6-NON-GEO 4.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC6-PRS 4.17p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC60-118DQ 0p/min n/a 166.9p
NGCS SC60-PRS 0p/min n/a 166.9p
NGCS SC61-118DQ 0p/min n/a 208.5p
NGCS SC61-PRS 0p/min n/a 208.5p
NGCS SC62-118DQ 0p/min n/a 250.2p
NGCS SC62-PRS 0p/min n/a 250.2p
NGCS SC63-118DQ 0p/min n/a 333.5p
NGCS SC63-PRS 0p/min n/a 333.5p
NGCS SC64-118DQ 0p/min n/a 416.9p
NGCS SC64-PRS 0p/min n/a 416.9p
NGCS SC65-118DQ 0p/min n/a 500.2p
NGCS SC65-PRS 0p/min n/a 500.2p
NGCS SC66-118DQ 129.17p/min n/a 64.4p
NGCS SC66-PRS 129.17p/min n/a 64.4p
NGCS SC67-118DQ 20.83p/min n/a 66.9p
NGCS SC67-PRS 20.83p/min n/a 66.9p
NGCS SC68-118DQ 199.62p/min n/a n/a
NGCS SC69-118DQ 5.42p/min n/a 291.6p
NGCS SC7-0845 5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC7-0870 5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC7-118DQ 5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC7-INFORM 5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC7-NON-GEO 5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC7-PRS 5p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC70-118DQ n/a 199.62p/min 202.5p
NGCS SC71-118DQ 249.17p/min n/a 478.5p
NGCS SC72-118DQ 290.83p/min n/a 581.9p
NGCS SC73-118DQ 208.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC73-PRS n/a 208.33p/min 0.2p
NGCS SC74-0845 n/a 4.17p/min 4.4p
NGCS SC74-0870 n/a 4.17p/min 4.4p
NGCS SC74-118DQ 4.17p/min n/a 4.4p
NGCS SC74-INFORM n/a 4.17p/min 4.4p
NGCS SC74-NON-GEO n/a 4.17p/min 4.4p
NGCS SC74-PRS n/a 4.17p/min 4.4p
NGCS SC75-0845 n/a 8.33p/min 8.5p
NGCS SC75-0870 n/a 8.33p/min 8.5p
NGCS SC75-118DQ 8.33p/min n/a 8.5p
NGCS SC75-INFORM n/a 8.33p/min 8.5p
NGCS SC75-NON-GEO n/a 8.33p/min 8.5p
NGCS SC75-PRS n/a 8.33p/min 8.5p
NGCS SC76-118DQ 33.33p/min n/a 33.5p
NGCS SC76-PRS n/a 33.33p/min 33.5p
NGCS SC77-118DQ 58.33p/min n/a 58.5p
NGCS SC77-PRS n/a 58.33p/min 58.5p
NGCS SC78-118DQ 125p/min n/a 125.2p
NGCS SC78-PRS n/a 125p/min 125.2p
NGCS SC79-118DQ 166.67p/min n/a 166.9p
NGCS SC79-PRS n/a 166.67p/min 166.9p
NGCS SC8-0845 5.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC8-0870 5.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC8-118DQ 5.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC8-INFORM 5.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC8-NON-GEO 5.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC8-PRS 5.83p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC80-118DQ 214.17p/min n/a 371p
NGCS SC80-PRS n/a 214.17p/min 371p
NGCS SC81-118DQ 15p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC81-NON-GEO 15p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC81-PRS 15p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC82-118DQ 18.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC82-NON-GEO 18.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC82-PRS 18.33p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC83-118DQ 291.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC83-NON-GEO 291.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC83-PRS 291.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC84-118DQ 62.5p/min n/a 208.5p
NGCS SC84-NON-GEO 62.5p/min n/a 208.5p
NGCS SC84-PRS 62.5p/min n/a 208.5p
NGCS SC85-118DQ 82.5p/min n/a 216.8p
NGCS SC85-NON-GEO 82.5p/min n/a 216.8p
NGCS SC85-PRS 82.5p/min n/a 216.8p
NGCS SC86-118DQ 65p/min n/a 229.3p
NGCS SC86-NON-GEO 65p/min n/a 229.3p
NGCS SC86-PRS 65p/min n/a 229.3p
NGCS SC87-118DQ n/a 105.46p/min 250p
NGCS SC88-118DQ 0p/min n/a 304.1p
NGCS SC89-118DQ n/a 499.17p/min 998.5p
NGCS SC9-0870 6.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC9-118DQ 6.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC9-INFORM 6.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC9-NON-GEO 6.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC9-PRS 6.67p/min n/a 0.2p
NGCS SC90-118DQ n/a 582.5p/min 1165.2p
NGCS SC91-118DQ n/a 665.83p/min 1331.8p
NGCS SC92-0845 n/a 5.83p/min 6p
NGCS SC92-0870 n/a 5.83p/min 6p
NGCS SC92-118DQ n/a 5.83p/min 6p
NGCS SC92-INFORM n/a 5.83p/min 6p
NGCS SC92-NON-GEO n/a 5.83p/min 6p
NGCS SC92-PRS n/a 5.83p/min 6p
NGCS SC93-0870 n/a 10.83p/min 11p
NGCS SC93-118DQ n/a 10.83p/min 11p
NGCS SC93-INFORM n/a 10.83p/min 11p
NGCS SC93-NON-GEO n/a 10.83p/min 11p
NGCS SC93-PRS n/a 10.83p/min 11p
NGCS SC94-118DQ n/a 66.67p/min 66.8p
NGCS SC94-NON-GEO n/a 66.67p/min 66.8p
NGCS SC94-PRS n/a 66.67p/min 66.8p
NGCS SC95-118DQ n/a 83.33p/min 83.5p
NGCS SC95-NON-GEO n/a 83.33p/min 83.5p
NGCS SC95-PRS n/a 83.33p/min 83.5p
NGCS SC96-118DQ n/a 250p/min 250.2p
NGCS SC96-NON-GEO n/a 250p/min 250.2p
NGCS SC96-PRS n/a 250p/min 250.2p
NGCS SC97-118DQ n/a 41.67p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC97-NON-GEO n/a 41.67p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC97-PRS n/a 41.67p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC98-118DQ n/a 125p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC98-NON-GEO n/a 125p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC98-PRS n/a 125p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC99-118DQ n/a 166.67p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC99-NON-GEO n/a 166.67p/min 300.2p
NGCS SC99-PRS n/a 166.67p/min 300.2p
International Call Charges Landline Mobile
Country Daytime Evening Weekends Daytime Evening Weekends
24.42p/min 24.42p/min 24.42p/min 18.91p/min 18.91p/min 18.91p/min
Compare See how our line rental and calls compete with other UK providers
uno BT Plusnet Sky Virgin Media
UK Peak Charges 1.47p/min 9p/min 8p/min 10p/min 10p/min
UK Call Connection Fee Free 16p 13p 14p 15p
Relative Line Rental Cost £10.75/month £15.83/month £14.99/month £14.50/month £14.99/month

*Standard calls only, excluding premium rate or service calls where a minimum call charge applies. Cost of calls may increase and decrease in line with wholesale and regulatory changes and we will give as much notice as technically possible to do. Calls to service numbers (non-geographic) consist of an access charge set by us of 4.5p and a service charge set by the organisation you are calling. Price is per month, and excludes VAT at the standard rate. Non-broadband line rental requires at least one active broadband service on the account and is not provided as a singleton service.

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